About us

About us

The current workspace is the place where important business activities take place. Therefore creating a new workspace is also an opportunity for administrators to think about generating a competitive advantage their enterprises.

Akia Architects is a company specialized in design and construction of modern and sophisticated interiors. With knowledge and experience in this major along with constantly updating design trend, Akia creates office spaces which are not only elegant, trendy but also outstandings the brand color. Design products - Akia's brainchild are built on the combination of a solid foundation of architecture and design, bringing modern aesthetics, simplicity, and elegance. . In order to ensure the realization of even the most creative ideas, Akia Architects provides detailed interior construction services that not only helps customers save time, effort and money but also control the work quality through warranty policy, maintenance, enthusiastic and responsible working spirit.

Interior design

About Akia's interior design: the brand color, the customer's aesthetic and the usability are prioritized. Each design of Akia has its own characteristics that we can easily see not only the client's company specility but also the head of corporate interest highlighted.

Interior construction

With experienced supervisors and skilled workers, Akia always works with meticulousness, deadline meeting. Specially, attitude and quality factors that come first, then is reasonable price policy, which has marked Akia Architects' brand name - reason why our customers has decided to cooperate with us in recent years.