Interior design is not a strange phrase, however, in recent years, according to the general trend of social development, interior design has been increasingly respected and gradually made new progress in the interior industry.

1. Interior design and living space


Rarely is a profession that has such a close impact on people's life as interior design & decoration. Almost all of the time in life, people live and work in different spaces which are more or less contributed by interior design & decoration.

When you wake up in the morning, you open your eyes and first encounter a warm-and-harmonious-color bedroom, a picture or a lovely decorative lamp next to the bed. One bedroom has a very good taste and suits your preferences. The comfortable, pleasant feeling increases your relaxation and excitement to prepare for a new day.

Once going to the classroom or office, what helps increase study or work productivity are simply a comfortable, standard seat with adequate lighting. It is so great if  we do not have to worry about the too-low-or-too-high table and chair which cause your neck and back hurt, not enough space for stretching leg out or the room is too dark that is not good for eyes.

Designers are people who create beauty, comfort and convenienceInside for inner space for architectural building, whether it is the house you live in, school, office, restaurant, shopping mall or movie theater, etc., by their expertise, alley arrangement, material tone values, table design size, layout of light sources.

In the same architectural space, different interior decoration can make a transformation and bring about different aesthetic effect.

2. Original of interior design & decoration

It is difficult to determine exact time when the interior design industry came into being. Many people believed that it begins the same time with the history of architecture. However, when discovering prehistorian's caves then detecting animal figures painted by ancient ancestors to "decorate" their "interior space". We might guessed that the sense of interior decoration, desire to beautify dwelling (even if it was just a cave), which perhaps have formed in human's mind before we became conscious about architecture works for a long time.

Through the flow of human history, mentioned consciousness above has developed into a popular profession in society, attracting a huge of talented workforce of creative people: interior designer and decorator.