Tổng hợp 32+ các phong cách thiết kế nội thất phổ biến nhất hiện nay

32+ most popular interior design styles nowadays

Design style is one of the first things you need to define for your home or office before getting into design and construction. Currently, along with the more diverse living needs, many customers are also interested in new and strange interior design styles. This is the reason why in this article, we will synthesize more than 32 most popular interior design styles for your reference.

1. Minimalism design style


Minimalism style design is the first style we want to introduce to you in the Article synthesizing interior design styles. This is a style that uses simple design lines and neat furniture. The main colors of this style are neutral colors.

Minimalism styles usually don't use more than 3 background colors in one space. Using a background color, a main color, and an accent color is the way to use colors of this style. In addition, this style also uses diverse geometric blocks such as circles, rectangles, squares ...

The arpartment was designed according to minimalism style.



Minimalism style in designing apartment.


2. Classic design style


The second most popular style of interior design is the classic design style. The style features perfectly curvy lines, the colors used are quite courteous and noble, bringing a bit of a luxurious royal sense.

Classic interior design styles often emphasize formality and symbolism, focus on the study of images rather than ideas. With a coherent interior decoration, luxurious furniture suitable for 'officer' families and is a trend of the city people today.


phong cách kiến trúc


In the interior design styles, the classic style always impresses the viewer.



Luxury classical style interior design.

3. Rustic design style


Rustic design style is interior architecture style that are in harmony with nature. Most of the items used in Rustic style interior design have a rustic, rudimentary feeling. Raw brick or natural stone walls create the unique for this design.

If you are a nature lover, you can completely design the interior of your 65m2 apartment with this style.



Simple Rustic style.




Living room with Rustic style.


4. Phong cách Retro


Retro style is an interior design that was formed in the 50s and 60s of the last century. In retro style, there are playful, outstanding colors, which makes this striking design style distinctive.



The impressive Retro style.



Luxurious Retro-style living room.


5. Maverick style


Maverick's interior design style is considered to be an extremely creative, unique and youthful design style. Maverick style does not seem to adhere to any principles. That overlapping structure or random color schemes is what this style offers.

This style will create beautiful, creative and individual personality office interior designs.


tổng hợp các phong cách kiến trúc


Random in Maverick style.


các phong cách nội thất trong thiết kế


Impressive living room with this style.


6. Modernism design style


Modern design style is always one of the most popular choices. This style focuses mainly on details, and the design shape is quite simple. In this modern style of interior design, the emphasis is on creating usability, bringing comfort and comfort. It can be seen that this style is extremely suitable for designing and constructing interior office.



Meeting room with modernism style.



Modernism style in designing apartment and office.

7. Hitech design style


This is the style using shiny metal or glass, which build up this style's unique.


tổng hợp các phong cách trong thiết kế nội thất


Fresh Hitech design styles in interior design styles.


33 phong cách thiết kế nội thất ấn tượng


Hitech design style in office interior design.


8. Country design style


Country style design is heavily influenced by countries such as the US, UK, France ... Country-style designs often have elegant and romantic motifs ... Sweet pastel colors are often the main colors for this style.


những phong cách thiết kế nội thất ân tượng


Country style in interior design.


phong cach thiet ke noi that an tuong


Interior in designing interior.

9. Nordic design style (Scandinavian)


Nordic design style is an elegant interior design style that has developed extremely strongly in Vietnam in recent years. Nordic style expresses the luxury clearly through the colors used mainly in the design. Bright white, brown or cream colors are the main colors used for the Nordic style, also known as Scandinavian.


Impressive Scandinavian style in interior space.


Bedroom using elegant interior in Scandinavian design style.


10. Art and Crafts design style


Art and Crafts is a design style with specially emphasis on wooden, or natural furniture.


tổng hợp các phong cách thiết kế nội thất


Living room using Art & Crafts style.


các phong cách kiến trúc nội thất


Art & Crafts style mainly uses wood furniture.


11. Art Deco design style


Mentioning to Art Deco design style, this is one of the typical interior styles showing curved pieces of furniture. Characteristics of this architectural style is dependent on floral motifs and decorative items.


các phong cách nội thất tiêu biểu


The style mainly uses pattern details.


tổng hợp các phong cách nội thất trên thế giới


In the interior art, use charming Art Deco curves.

12. Art Nouveau design style


Art Nouveau is one of the international interior design styles. This style was popular in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. This style is quite special because of the texture, motifs, stylization, and the use of curves in the design.


các phong cách kiến trúc


Art Nouveau – Noble design style.


các phong cách thiết kế nội thất tiêu biểu


Wavy patterns are the main feature of this style.


13. Avant Garde design style


Avant Garde was begun to evolve by interior designers in the twentieth century. This is the period seen as the beginning of modern styles. The design space of Avant Garde style is defined by clear horizontal and vertical lines.


các phong cách nội thất tiêu biểu


Typical design style - Avant Garde for every interior space.


14. Baroque design style


Interior design style originated from the Italian Renaissance, then gradually spread throughout Europe and many other colonial countries, lasting until the eighteenth century. Baroque design style is the style that goes against the rigid Renaissance architectural art style.


các thiết kế nội thất tiêu biểu


Luxury Baroque in today's interior design styles.

15. Bauhaus design style


Bauhaus is the style design that belongs to modern and use idea school. This interior design style was created by the architect Walter Gropius - who wanted to create something bringing advanced ideas after World War I. The Bauhaus style especially gave priority to creating simple, compact and convenient designs.


các phong cách thiết kế nội thất tiêu biểu


Bauhaus design style originated from Bauhaus architecture style.


16. Bazaar design style


This is a design style formed from many different styles including Vintage style, Retro style, and combinations of colors and textures to create a gentle, comfortable beauty following personal hobbies.


các phong cách thiết kế nội thất đẹp


The harmony creates the Bazaar design style for apartment's interior space.


17. Bohemian design style


Bohemian design style, which has been around for a long time, especially expresses freedom and badass in design, bringing about wild, seductive and free beauty.


các phong cách thiết kế nội thất đẹp nhất


Wild Bohemian style.


18. Brutalism design style


Brutalism design style shows the plentiful creativity from young architects from the West in the 1950s - 1970s. This style belongs to the trend of modern architecture.


các phong cách nội thất


Brutalism style - one of the interior styles in the world is really cared for every apartment.


19. Colour Block design style


Color Block interior style originated from fashion, then gradually influenced into the interior design style. This style creates an extremely young, modern and impressive space.


Phong cách Colour Block


Youthful and impressive Colour Block style.


20. Contemporary design style


In the contemporary design style, architectural arrays are quite simple including lines, arrays, to blocks. Usually, there are not too many details or cumbersome patterns.



Contemporary style - is one of the most popular interior styles in the world today.



Căn hộ chung cư với phòng khách ấn tượng theo phong cách đương đại.


21. De Stijl design style


De Stijl is a style of an art movement that goes hand in hand with the Russian structuralist and other abstract movements. This style, which was conceived and developed in the Netherlands, reflects for all viewers of harmony and order.


phong cách thiết kế nội thất cho phòng làm việc


Design feature of De Stijl style.


22. Phong cách thiết kế Expressionism


Expressionism's design style follows the path of new classicalism, creating a strong impression on the design works.


thiết kế nội thất cho phòng khách


New classic feature in Expressionism design style.


23. Funky design style


Using dynamic textures and colors, which are reflected in Funky's design style. This style gives a sense of excitement and jollity.


thiết kế nội thất cho phòng khách đẹp


The prominence is shown quite clearly in this style.


24. Gothic design style


Gothic design style brings sophistication, selection and refinement. In this style, modernity, elegance and nobility is what you can easily recognize.


thiết kế nội thất theo các phong cách


The luxury and nobility in Gothic style creates the attraction for your apartment.


thiết kế nội thất theo các phong cách đẹp


25. Hollywood design style


This is a style orginated in a high-end lifestyle that exploded in the 20s and lasted until the 40s. Hollywood style embodies the glamor, elegance and flashiness.


các phong cách thiết kế cho phòng khách tiêu biểu


Remarkable Hollywood design style.


26. Metallic design style


The Metallic design style is a metal interior design featuring the use of defined lines to accentuate shiny surfaces. This style gives a strong, modern and industrial feeling.


các phong cách thiết kế cho phòng bếp


Modernity in Metallic style.


27. Mid-Century Modern design style


Đây là một phong cách thiết kế nội thất vô cùng tươi mát, sáng sủa và thân thiện. Phong cách thiết kế này phản ánh cảm giác lạc quan của thời hậu chiến tranh thế giới. Điểm cơ bản của phong cách này chính là mang đến sự đơn giản, dễ dàng trong xây dựng.This is an interior design style, which is extremely fresh, bright and friendly, reflects the optimism of the Post-world war era. The basic point of this style is to bring simplicity and ease of construction.


các phong cách thiết kế nội thất hot nhất


Mid-Century Modern interior design style always belongs to typical interior styles.


28. Organic design style


Organic is the design style of spaces and objects that are shown outside through random curves and inspired by real life's images of close images.


thiết kế nội thất cho không gian sống


The closiness is what we feeling from Organic design style.


29. Pop Art design style


Pop Art is a trendy design style that 'was born' in England in the 50s of the twentieth century. Pop Art design styles have simply defined colors, lights, shapes and materials. All are functional and highly aesthetic.


thiết kế nội thất cho không gian phòng khách


Pop Art Style - One of the interior styles that uses a diverse and high-end colors.


30. Postmodernism design style


Next, Postmodernism is a term used to describe an art movement, showing postmodern artistic tendencies. This style also shows the form's monotony.


phong cách thiết kế nội thất độc lạ


The singularity in the style of Postmodernism.


31. Queen Anne design style


Queen Anne is a typical interior design style that has been recognized and appeared since the reign of Queen Anne. This style represents nobility, elegance, and royal style.


phong cách thiết kế nội thất nổi bật


Design style Queen Anne with high-end and noble furniture.


32. Renaissance design style


Coming to Renaissance design style, this is an interior design style with a fairly clear work layout, which scientifically reproduces the standard values of ancient visual arts.


phong cách Renaissance


Ancient features are reflected in the Renaissance style.


33. Romanticism design style


In addition to the above 32 interior design styles, we will present you the Romanticism style, which is a style performed on the basis of romance.


phong cách Romanticism


Romance is exactly the style Romanticism.


34. Shabby Chic design style


Interior design style Shabby Chic originates from country houses in England. It's a style that shows balance in old things, shiny silver accessories with wood paint. The decoration of this style brings an extremely elegant.


phong cách thiết kế Shabby Chic


Old items are used for the Shabby Chic design style but still look very premium and modern.


35. Streamlining design style


Streamlining design style is based on the development of Art Deco style, from the 1930s. This style is expressed especially through curves in the design, long horizontal lines winding like waves.


Phong cách thiết kế Streamlining


Streamlining - developed from the Art Decor style that creates its own quality and is popular until now.


36. Swedish dessign style


Swedish - An interior design style from Sweden. Design style is quite simple and sophisticated.


phong cách Swedish


Simplicity but sophistication is what Swedish style represents.


37. Vintage design style


Vintage style is the combination of Ancient and Old. Therefore, the furniture used in Vintage design styles has its origins in the 40s, 50s and can fluctuate to the 80s - 90s.


các phong cách nội thất đẹp trên thế giới


Antiques iused in the Vintage style


38. Luxury design style


Luxury design style brings a splendid and luxurious beauty to the design space. This style creates nobility and a bit of badass.



Phong cách Luxury đầy sang trọng cho căn nhà của bạn.

39. Neoclassical interior design style


The final interior design style that we want to mention in the combination of general interior design styles is neoclassical style. Neoclassical style brings modernity in design while combining the beauty of classic.



Neoclassical design features in interior architectural styles.


Above is a summary of interior design styles that Akia wants to send to you for reference. Hopefully, with the sharing of the article, you already know how many interior design styles. And it will help your family or company find a design style that is most suitable for your home or office space. If you need an interior design quotation, we are always happy to advise you.

Source: housedesign.vn