Sometimes we have to "bring work to home" to finish tasks, or even because of the nature of your work, it is necessary to have a quiet and comfortable space to improve concentration. Here is a summary of office design ideas to work in your house, let explore with Akia Architects:


1. Shang Yan Design & Guan Pin


A large table that can be used by 2 people is located in the center of the room. This is especially suitable if you want to integrate the space from a working room into a dining table when just putting some chairs, you have an ideal dining area for the family.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc shang yan


2. Sivak+Partners


If you need a lot of space to store papers, books and reference files, so designing this space with rows of cabinets that across the room, which would be a not bad idea.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc sivak partners


3. DucTayone


An office design where you can integrate many gadgets, a long sofa comes behind a desk and bookshelf. Cool color tone with contrasting accents makes the space become more spacious.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc ductayone


4. Duong Phan


A home office design space is suitable for all 3 people working at the same time, with choosing interiors such as high-contrast-color chairs.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc dương phan


5. Nordico


A double partition, but only half, not only makes the office space private but also easily interact with the surrounding environment.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc nordico


6. CCS Architecture


A cozy office space design is created by the colors of wooden furniture.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc css architecture


7. Tom Robbrecht


This separating wall not only helps to focus but also preserves the airy and comfortable elements inner the room space, without causing the cramp.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc Tom Robbrecht


8. LUI design+associates


A small home office design is extremely suitable for a variety of apartments nowadays. The items are close to the wall, the table facing the window, and some decorative details for the room like paintings.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc lui design


9. Fertility Design


This baffle design allows you to customize the opening and closing if requiring the quietness to focus maximum on working. An office idea isn't bad, right?

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc fertility design


10. 61architects & YYdesign


An office space with great symmetry accompanied by a large glass overlooking the outside space to provoke creativity.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc 61architects


11. Skylab


Two completely separate spaces have been created in this design's home office layout. It is separated by a completely "unusual" table that reflects the image of a nicely cut window. The windows cutting through the walls and ceilings give the impression that the building has been cracked in half.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc skylab


12. Michael Nowak


The office design does not need to always choose neutral colors. Color can transmit the energy to the room space helping you feel more motivated and inspired.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc Michael Nowak


13. Dmitriy Schuka


What hit the first side was certainly the turquoise color of the table and sofa, in completely contrast to the black and white tones of the office space.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc Dmitriy Schuka


14. A Lentil Design


Windows separates the office from the general room, allowing you to quickly and easily close if requiring quietness or easily open if requring a comfortable space.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc A Lentil Design


15. Alexandra Timpau


A mezzanine is wonderfully designed to create a very modern home office.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc Alexandra Timpau


16. Soopakorn Srisakul


How do you think about "office on the tree"?

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc Soopakorn Srisakul


17. Olha Wood


What about an office space under stairs? That brings a sense of tranquility enough for your concentration. But it still need to ensure natural light to make the space not overly secretive and confined.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc olha wood


18. Post Formula


A minimalistic home office design with masculine and strong tones gives a very "luxurious" feeling.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc post formula


19. George Dimitrov


The trend of using metal furniture to decorate office designs is extremely popular.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc George Dimitrov


20. Denis Karandiuk


The raw wall with reddish brown bricks as a background has been adorned with sharp, thin and compact metal furniture.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc Denis Karandiuk


21. Locati Architects


Swan chairs add to the cozy ambience of a rustic home office design.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc Locati Architects


22. Blackhaus Studio


Even the smallest, cramped places may turn into an ideal working area. All you need is a set of moderate-tall and wall-mounted shelves to integrate into a desk-and-bookshelf, just need to plus a lamp and chair.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc blackhaus studio


23. Design Me Too


An office design using gentle neutral colors, with creative geometric pieces, combined with green pots creates a cool and airy feeling.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc Design Me Too


24. Emily Henderson


A "quirky" wall with wooden backdrops along with "unrelated" pictures adorns the individuality of the user.

thiết kế văn phòng làm việc Emily Henderson


25. Studio EI

Another idea for you when you want to design an office with bookshelves.


thiết kế văn phòng làm việc Studio EI


Hope the above ideas will help you have more references for your office interior design process!

Source: Uplevo.com