It is certain that sometimes you wished to work in luxurious and modern offices of major brands and corporations in the world. Today, many businesses also invest more in their workspace to attract talented human resources.

Here is a list of top 10 office interior design of 10 famous companies in the world:


1. Etsy Corporate headquarters in Brooklyn


Etsy is an e-commerce system that focuses on handmade, vintage, and unique clothing and jewelry products. In addition, when shopping at Etsy you can also easily find beauty products, food and decorations.

văn phòng của etsy corporate

Because as the unit selling products related to art and creativity, their offices also need to be designed to reflect these elements.

văn phòng của Etsy Corporate 2


2. Nike office in New York


văn phòng của nike new york

Nike is also one of the companies that has most favourtie workplace, let explore their headquarters in New York City.

văn phòng của nike new york 2


3. Airbnb's headquarters in San Francisco


Airbnb has created the revolution in travel industry, so they need to show this value right in their office.

văn phòng của Airbnb 1

Meeting rooms look like a camping tent than a normal office. The core values ​​of company are clearly shown through architectural designs: The relaxation spirit is always present in each employee.

văn phòng của airbnb 2


4. Apple Park office in Cupertino


This spherical Apple building has been kept secret for a long time. It's finally done - and the office design viewpoint is perfectly minimalistic.

There are comments that some staffs feel uncomfortable due to such sparse office space. However, reducing number of furniture prevent you from distracting by the surroundings, which will free your creative side.

văn phòng của Apple Park


5. Beats office by Dr. Dre in Los Angeles


Beats by Dr. Dre may be owned by Apple; however, the office is completely different.

văn phòng của Beats by Dr Dre 1

The yellow staircase or meeting area painted in red are just a few of the highlights of this office design. The two buildings have been renovated to create a space where audiophiles and hipsters come together.

văn phòng của Beats by Dr Dre 2


6. Google office in New York


văn phòng của Google New York 1

Google owns offices all over the world, which are of course incredibly designed. Here are some of the featured images in New York City by Google:

văn phòng của Google New York 2


7. Amazon headquarters in Seattle


văn phòng của amazone

An interior design change has recently been made in the Amazon office, Seattle to provide additional work areas and lounges.

văn phòng của amazon


8. YouTube office in Los Angeles


If you have at least 10,000 followers on YouTube channel, you can completely go to Youtube's office to use their facilities to produce video content.

văn phòng của Youtube 1

According to the information, YouTube's office design contains enough free resources from production to voice recording and post-production to assist users in video production.

văn phòng của Youtube 2


9. Pandora Radio office in Oakland


văn phòng của Pandora Radio 1

Phandora Radio's headquarters in Oakland has a DJ area and plenty of spaces to work, meet and hang out, ...

văn phòng của Pandora radio 2


10. LinkedIn office in San Francisco


văn phòng của linkedin 1

LinkedIn's San Francisco office is so beautifully designed and impressive that LinkedIn asked them to apply it to their New York City offices as well.

văn phòng của linked in 2


Source: Uplevo.com