Office pantry is one of the indispensable areas in the design of modern offices today. AKIA will help you understand and explore the various designs of the pantry area.

Design style is one of the first things you need to define for your home or office before getting into design and construction. Currently, along with the more diverse living needs, many customers are also interested in new and strange interior design styles. This is the reason why in this article, we will synthesize more than 32 most popular interior design styles for your reference.

With enthusiastic and long-term experienced team in the interior design industry, AKIA ARCHITECTS always tries to update the fastest new office interior design styles so that you can consult and choose the appropriate design package which associated with the brand image and corporate culture.

Small apartments like studios require you to be very skillful in choosing and arranging furniture. If you do not want the whole room to become a messy space, let apply 5 tips for choosing “small but useful” furniture as below.

Interior design is not a strange phrase, however, in recent years, according to the general trend of social development, interior design has been increasingly respected and gradually made new progress in the interior industry.

Interior design is a specific profession, which asks for an understanding of art, history, philosophy as well as knowledge techniques... Since ancient times, people have been able to use animals, plants and trees drawings to decorate their rooms. Interior design has inspired for living space, giving us a sense of comfort and convenience. Design interiors is devided into many different forms based on the objects it applies to: office design, showroom design, store design, house design, apartment design... Interior design plays an important role in our life; however, just few people know how it was born and developed. Let join Akia Architects in reviewing the history to the Stone Age, Middle Age and Modern Age to better understand the origins of interior design!

Despite of entering in Vietnam for a long time, interior design and decoration field, which has been actually noticed in the past few years, is often misunderstood for the profession of architecture. Unlike architects, interior designers is the people who responsible for making your home space be solemn, reasonable, beautiful and artistic; create a cozy and close feeling with many unique interior and exterior materials. The majority of interior design firms (TKNT) carry out from A to Z services: from consulting, supplying materials, to designing, implementing. It means that they overally cover from concept design to completion of the project.

What is Minimalism? This style has been since the 70s of the last century. Minimalism is a subdivision of contemporary style. Fields such as music, photography, graphics, fashion and interior architecture are all influenced by this style. Let Akia Architects learn about minimalism, minimalism style in the interior has any outstanding points.

If designing a completely new office in a new location will take a lot of human and financial resources, renovatiing office is a method to help businesses save time, costs and still own a modern and attractive workspace. Let join Akia Architects to refer the suggestions on how to renovate a beautiful and professional office as the following article!

A lot of new office design styles have emerged such as open office, green office, co-working office, ... No matter what style of design, modern office design must follow the certain office design principles. Be with Akia Architects to review 10 important office design principles that investors or designers need to understand before implementing the current office design!

The idea of modern office interior design with high aesthetics and comfort has always won the attention of the company's management committee. A positive space will become an effective lever to awaken staffs' creativity and inspiration in work. An aesthetic and luxurious office also contributes to honor the beauty and professionalism of the business towards customers. In an office, basically, there are following 5 areas: reception and lobby (can be separated if the reception area is large), working area for staffs, director room, meeting room, pantry and additional area (phonebooth/ discuss area...). Let be with Akia Architects to explore!

Surely any businesses would want to get the desired office interior design in order to surprise and excite their customers. In fact, entering a modern and sophisticated office will enhance working efficiency and creativity of staffs; besides, partners have to respect and recognize the reliability of your company through sophisticated and comfortable office designs.