Surely any businesses would want to get the desired office interior design in order to surprise and excite their customers. In fact, entering a modern and sophisticated office will enhance working efficiency and creativity of staffs; besides, partners have to respect and recognize the reliability of your company through sophisticated and comfortable office designs.


Eight-sign figure diagram on the desk according to feng shui

Nowadays, people pay more attention to feng shui factors when starting the office interior design or during the office renovation period. In which, the working tables arrangement in accordance with feng-shui standards, or the arrangement of the diagram on the desk are also important steps in the overview when preparing the complete design steps. Currently, Eight-sign figure diagram is being noted by business owners for their offices.

According to this diagram, a standard desk is divided into 9 important parts, pertaining to our lives and careers. Each section with a different color array can be applied to the Eight-sign figure principle. Ideally, we should leave about 50% of the desk space empty at all times and select 2-3 cells as the center, which are the best way.

An important thing in Eight-sign figure diagram

Health and prosperity

According to feng shui, the prosperity is mainly located on the left corner of the desk, so if deciding to invest in a feng-shui office, let focus on this factor. Your ideal suggestion is to place a small pot or a precious antique vase to show the fertility and growth. Placing a computer in this corner is also a good idea when designing corporate office interior.


Feng-shui professionals evaluate that the reputation is positioned at the area in the middle of working table. That is the reason why the leadership desks often put names and titles in this position.

Love and relationships

If you already have wife/ husband or lover, place their photo in the right corner.

Office design


Feng shui experts said that focusing on the middle right side of your desk will help you increase your creativity. It is best to have a book or notebook in this position.

Noble-man support and assist

Focus on the bottom right corner if we want to get more support from friends, or unexpected social relationships outside.


In the Eight-sign figure diagram, the table corner in the middle seat is considered the umbrella of the career. So remember to keep this area neat and clean.

Intelligence and wisdom

If you are looking to explore a new field, focus on the left corner near the working table's chair.


It can be said that family is an indispensable part both of our lives and careers. Therefore, keep a picture of your family on the left side of your working table to get peaceful and energetic sense!


The most important factor undoubtedly in our lives is health. Keep your desk airy, neat and clean to attract more positive energy!

Office interior design suitable for Feng shui water element

Nowadays, feng shui plays a quite important role in beautiful office interior design. Specially, leaders pay more attention to this factor. They often rely on their destiny to design the suitable office, thereby bringing good luck to themselves and their company. Particularly, for the Water -element people, it is necessary to focus on the following important color factors in order to have advantages in business.

The colors in feng shui are mainly aimed at balancing the yin and yang energies to achieve ideal harmony. The harmony in the feng-shui features of Water element will create fresh energies, which are the energy of fluency, purity and tranquility. For Water element, sea water is a symbol of harmony and the main direction is chosen to be the North.

The color chosen for office interior decoration in Water state is blue. We can arrange glasses, aquariums, small fountains, pictures and posters with water image .... Water also represents for high imagination. According to the feng-shui concept, the blue color in Water state is cold color, which shines and makes the surrounding atmosphere bright, creates a fresh, gentle and profound feeling.


Office interior design

Water space in the beautiful office interior design for current leaders is a space that expresses the new spirit in the interior trend. Its characteristic is a delicate, vibrant and quite romantic due to the showing images and colors - Water. The group of Water color reflects the modern style, expresses the excitement of the new life, the eagerness of the development process and the new spirit of modern architecture. The predominance of cold colors reflected in architecture is the promotion of modern materials such as glass, metals and reflective materials. According to Feng Shui, the black color belongs to Water element with the money aspect, if you put it in the right position - the West belongs to the Metal element, "Metal bear Water" - then the black color means good, Money flow in like water.

How is feng-shui office design?

For the Orient people, feng shui is most important in designing - building houses, high-end office design ... Therefore, the feng-shui and modern office interior design will help your company has a harmonious space, generate a lot of luck and fortune. According to long-term interior design companies and experienced professionals, there are some principles and notes that you should consider in meeting room design to make this space comfortable, aesthetic and suitable with feng shui.

The meeting room should be located in the center of the office and between departments for easy access. It depends on the size use of each company to design the meeting room's area, however it should be spacious for easy approach and comfort. If the meeting room is large, it is necessary to arrange 2 doors, or have an extra door for convenient movement. In addition, when designing a high-end office in general as well as designing a meeting room in particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the yin-yang balance rule, including balancing hard - soft, light - dark, floors - functional furniture, rough - soft texture.

The meeting room table is an important factor to make a success or failure in every meeting. Currently, there are many modern, sophisticated and multifunctional designs for meeting tables to choose such as round, square, rectangular or oval tables ... Round tables, square or rectangular tables are traditional table shapes considered quite appropriate to feng shui. The use of these tables in the meeting room will create a harmonious atmosphere for more efficiency at work. The aesthetically beautiful oval tables are easy to combine with other furniture. In terms of feng shui, the oval table helps balance power between the participants of the meeting and the curves of the table are supposed to bring more luck for the company to be prospered.


Office interior design

In addition, when designing modern office interior, you need to combine them with colors, decorations ... to create a room that is both suitable for feng shui, comfortable and highly aesthetic. Do not place a mirror in the meeting room as it will reflect negative energy to meeting participants. A comfortable meeting room needs to be equipped with facilities for example screens, projectors, assisting technology devices ... Also need to pay attention to the lighting system because it greatly affects work efficiency. In addition, carpet in the meeting room should use ash color, dark yellow, wood color will control the energy in the room. Inside the meeting room space, arranging a few landscape pictures, green pots ... all of them will contribute to creating a fresh space, helping the meeting to be successful. The environment in the meeting room should be tidy and the working space should be ventilated to let air into the room.

Instructions on how to decorate an office in feng shui

Many people often wonder about the appropriate office layout for feng shui, leading to prosperity in business. So let Akia Architects - a consulting company - interior design and construction to help you dispel that worry!

The most important thing is to choose the optimal location for the office, this is not easy in terms of feng shui. An office with a good location is carefully calculated according to the principles of Yin Yang - Five basic elements. We should choose a sitting position overlooking the room door, avoiding turning away from the window or the main door because according to feng shui, there is a large space behind the back that will cause an unsecure mood. So we need to choose the position next to the wall in the room and the sitting direction must be square.

Another important factor is choosing the position and direction of sitting according to destiny. If you belong to the Western Four Horoscopes, you should choose 4 directions as follows: West - Southwest - Northwest - Northeast, if you belong to the East Four Horoscopes, choose 4 directions: South - North - East - Southeast. In addition to choosing the position and direction of sitting, you need to consider arranging all the office furniture to suit feng-shui, for example, the Southeast should put the drinking water bottle, the landscape lake, the Northwest represents noble-man, your celebrity statues, degrees, certificates or company logo should be set up.

Office interior design

Above are just a few basic suggestions for choosing feng-shui elements in office design. If you have any questions or need a professional consultant - construction team, let contact Akia Architects immediately!



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