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Trends in modern office models  2021 (P.01)

Trends in modern office models  2021 (P.01)
Green Office - Green  World

Green Office includes a model that you can use to build environmental management system for your organization, allowing you to reduce carbon in working place and use resources sustainably.natural resources.

Or simple way, Green Office is the use and integration of trees, or natural elements and office decoration, to make the office more vibrant, creating more resources. Inspiration to create, relax for employees, as well as the office space to become friendly, close to the environment.

1. Some design criteria in "Green Office":

1.1 Arrangement of green trees: This is the mainstream standard in the Green Office. You can put small green trees on the desk, create walls, ceilings can hang trees, take advantage of the filing cabinet to decorate the trees .....

1.2 Make the most of natural light: Green offices are often designed in an open style, with many glass doors to catch natural sunlight and wind, this can reduce the load on the power consumption, and create add depth and more open space for the office.

1.3 Materials friendly with nature and environment: It is the delicate use of recycled materials, keeping unpainted raw materials in interior design and construction, helping to reduce costs during the construction process. public office.

Or even use recycled materials, eco-friendly utensils such as taking advantage of: paper milk boxes, cardboard ... to create pens, fishing pots ... All are very "green" and protect the increasingly polluting environment today.

2. Green Office benefits:

2.1 Health improvement for staffs: Trees in the office will help purify the air, bring fresh air in a closed, air-conditioned workplace, with many devices such as computers, printers, and photocopiers ...

2.2 Reduce stress:  Having research when you are stressed, tired just looking at a tree or a natural picture for 6-10 minutes will help you stabilize your mood.

2.3 Increase interaction between staffs : Because the Green Office will be largely designed in an open style, employees can easily interact, exchange, work in groups ... will improve work efficiency, as well as constraint in the air. work time.

2.4 As for Interpries: Green offices will create a beautiful, airy, and environmentally friendly working space. Increase employee productivity. Also, cost savings from power consumption for lighting and air-conditioning applications can be made.

It is the main benefits and advantages of a green office, but this is the office model chosen and loved by businesses and will be the ideal office model in the future.

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