Despite of entering in Vietnam for a long time, interior design and decoration field, which has been actually noticed in the past few years, is often misunderstood for the profession of architecture.

Unlike architects, interior designers is the people who responsible for making your home space be solemn, reasonable, beautiful and artistic; create a cozy and close feeling with many unique interior and exterior materials. The majority of interior design firms carry out from A to Z services: from consulting, supplying materials, to designing, implementing. It means that they overally cover from concept design to completion of the project.


1. Interior design – 'Well-sell' job and lack of manpower

Ms. Tran Thu Ha, Deputy Head of Interior Faculty, University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City, assessed that interior design profession is currently quite developed, especially in the field of commercial design, cafes, offices and this  profession has become a hot job.
In particular, when the life develops, the more types of apartments especially high-end apartments appear, the more people are interested in designing interior for housing. Previously, architects used to take responsibility for both architecture and interior, however nowadays, the owner requires that the interior is not only beautiful but also show its own aesthetic taste, demanding someone specializing in interior design undertakes.
One of the factors that make this job "trendy" is the ease of applying for a job and unlimited income. The space of each house, each room they create is a unique, unprecedented work of art, which is created by the creative freedom of interior designers.
Just saying that is enough to make many young people fall in love with this job. The starting salary for interior design students ranges from 6-8 million VND/month, many young people, who are capable and good at languages, ​​can receive salaries from 700-900 USD /month at foreign companies, as for management level in interior design industry, the salary can be up to 2,500 USD/month.
According to Ms. Thu Ha, there are about 1,000 people graduating from Interior design majoring at universities in Ho Chi Minh City each year. There are many schools trained this job such as University of Architecture, Ton Duc Thang University, Van Lang University, Hong Bang University, University of Technology and Technology, ADS School ... However, the rule of elimination in this industry is quite harsh, so designers have to passion and be patient to survive


Many construction industry experts stated that although the construction situation is slowing down, the demand for interior design is still quite high. However, the current difficulty is that the human resources in interior design field have excess low - medium quality human resources but lack of high quality staffs.

According to Mr. Le Hieu - Design Director of 360 Architecture Joint Stock Company, trained interior design manpower has not met the actual needs of society. Architects and interior artists after graduating almost have to learn from scratch and learn by themselves during working. Mr. Le Hieu cited: “My classmates have 10 people, more than half have gradually switched to related jobs but did not specialize in the major. This leads to the status that the experienced and dedicated staffs have been gradually buried their talent”.

2. What do you need to become an interior designer or decorator?

The first must-to-have factor is high taste. The ability to mix colors and decorate space as well as design materials to ensure harmony with the overall architecture and bring high aesthetics to the project are what will decide whether you are a professional interior or not.

The second no less important factor is the creativity, the ability to observe, learn about world's new trends and new materials to ensure that customers are always received the most fashionable designs and the most stylish.
The Engineer Huynh Ngoc Thanh Binh working at a consulting firm under the Ministry of Construction said that in construction's field, interior design is one of the most valuable industries. If the architect outlines the work's overviews, interior design specialist is the person who sketches the details for that project.
The interior designers must have a thorough grasp of the structure and building layout to outline the interior details as well as the rooms layout reasonably, attractively. Therefore, interior designers need to have creativity and aesthetics, have acumen in the choice of materials, interior decoration's trends.


One of the other neccessary factors  for the designer as Mr. Le Anh Tuan - Director of Indochina Design Joint Stock Company shared that designer must be a connoisseur. Because customers are people who have high living standards, broad knowledge, so we have to be more accomplished in our field. With qualifications, understanding and professional ability, we can gain customers' trust. 'The connoisseur' in the interior design profession means always grasping the new trend of the world, especially the understanding of new materials in the market. Moreover, Mr. Tuan emphasized that a proficient interior designer has to travels a lot, especially going abroad and ready to enquire knowledge.
Artists can work alone and complete their work without the cooperation of others. Interior design & decoration is completely different - you have to work with construction architects, specialized engineers, material suppliers and even construction or manufacturing workers ... collaborating, communicating and coordinating with many other professions so that the work is carried out smoothly, on schedule and with the quality also expects you to practice.
Interior designer is an valuable profession among young people and is 'thirsty' for manpower, however to really grasp the importance of this field requires designers need to converge all the above factors to succeed.

Source: Dan Tri