If designing a completely new office in a new location will take a lot of human and financial resources, renovatiing office is a method to help businesses save time, costs and still own a modern and attractive workspace.

Let join Akia Architects to refer the suggestions on how to renovate a beautiful and professional office as the following article!


1. Overview of office renovation

1.1. What is office renovation?

Office renovation or office interior renovation is a group of jobs related to repairing, upgrading, redesigning office furniture, refreshing office space based on old office foundation.

The purpose is how to create a new office, achieving the harmony of color, light, architecture and aesthetics.

Renovating old office furniture into new one is the cost-effective solution to build a new look, create a beautiful, scientific working space and enhance the corporate image.


1.2. Benefits of renovating old offices

This method has certain effects for business owners:

- Save cost: Thanks to renovations on the old office space foundation, businesses will save some money for digging foundations, reinvesting the ceiling system, building new premises ... simultaneously make full use of current office furniture and equipment. The fee spent by businesses is smaller than building a new office but still ensures creating the best working environment.

- Save time: With the existing ground foundation, there is no need to change much as well as construct newly, so the construction and repair of the office do not waste time as building a completely new one. This job not only helps the activities in the office not be interrupted, but also ensures the company's work progress.


Instead of paying a large fee to build a new office, companies can consider to choose measures to renovate old office.

The office after being successfully renovated will become an almost completely new office, bringing a new and dynamic atmosphere, creating a new energy source for the development of companies.


1.3. When do businesses need to find solutions to renovate working offices?

Depending on the new or old status, more or less degraded, ... of the current office, companies can choose most suitable form of building new office or renovating the old one. However, we recommend that you should use office renovation solution in case you have the following problems:

Need to change office space: You want to "F5 the workspace" after a long operation time, the current office design style has become out of date. This aim is to bring a new and modern space to attract and inspire employees to go to work every day.

The old office function is no longer suitable with the needs of the business. For example: narrow spaces do not have enough seats for new employees, limited area, overloaded departments, closed spaces causing confusion, space is too large leading to lack of connectivity between division, departments, ...

Degraded interior office or redundant furniture should be replaced or removed to optimize the usable area of ​​the space.

The old office design is no longer suitable for the scale and direction of the business. For example, a law firm, which wants to switch to education, should improve the space to better suit the current field of operation of the business.

The current office layout is no longer suitable for interior layouts, or is located inappropriately. For example: the meeting room is not placed in a central location in oder to be easy to gather staffs; the general working space put in a low-light location, which creates an uncomfortable feeling to the eyes ...

Office spaces lack of light, seriously lack of air, stuffy, and musty. This requires redeploying the lighting system or renovating the office space such as curtains, windows, air-conditioner design, and ventilation fans to receive more light and ventilation from nature.

The building is severely downgraded by the signs such as: sagged and broken floor, peeling bricks, the stained and moldy walls, damaged furniture, ... At once, the internal parts such as the broken down and unstable electrical network system, water, network system, wifi ...  hindering the staffs' work.

As the benefits of office renovation, this solution is very appropriate when the company's financial cost does not allow new construction.

Building a new office or renting a new office can cause a business to face many financial difficulties, so renovating an office is a reasonable choice to have a new office without spending too much money.

2. Scientific and convenient renovation work

How to renew the office in a cost-effective way while still ensure quality, sustainable use efficiency?


2.1. Renovating office space

The simplest level of renovation is to renovate the space of a certain department. This is the stage of renovating the overall working space, including: interior layout, departmental layout, equipment, plants, working position in order to be most airy and convenient.

To renovate room space, enterprises need to perform the main jobs as below:

Remove broken and unnecessary partitions, walls, doors... to expand the area.

Install suitable partitions to divide the new space properly according to the space using requirements of the company.

Replace closed doors by movable partitions, glass doors, plasterboard, glass aluminum or thin wood. These partitions do not have to be placed close to the ceiling while reducing material costs and being able to share the air conditioner. This model allows the closed space and open private space, blending with common space according to your needs.

Rearrange interior office, ensuring elements such as suitability of use, guaranting aesthetics, reasonable layout and feng-shui. It should be based on the work features or office design model to set up interior reasonably.

Rearrange the working area of ​​divisions, departments and staffs's seat positions based on the work nature. Improving the working area for staffs, directors, and managers logically. For the relevant departments should be placed close together to facilitate movement and exchange.


2.2. Renovating office ceiling

After using for a long time, the office ceiling shows up the deterioration signs, leading to many consequences on electric lighting systems, piping systems ...

Therefore, reconditioning the office ceiling in order to create an airy, bright working space to increase employee productivity. It is needed to solve these tasks:

Integrate lighting troughs with drop ceilings to ensure aesthetics and convenience for the repair or maintenance of above electric wires, ventilation fans and air conditioners.

Re-paint the ceiling if this part is made of concrete to remove the peeling ceiling, which bring office a new look. You should choose neutral paint colors that are not too prominent and consistent with the overall color of the office.

Replace ceiling material if the old ceiling is made of plaster and wood. Some good materials like plasterboard or suspended ceiling with aluminum and wood considered as the popular design trends thesedays.


2.3. Renovating office floor

The floor the co-working office or the private office of the head of department, the director should be renovated if there are damaged and old signs with the aim to bring a newer and cleaner space.

The renovation of the office floor should pay attention to the following points:

Meet the criterias: Durable, smooth floor surface, few patterns, easy to clean, convenient for cleaning and maintenance.

Floor construction materials: Priority is given to choosing ceramic tiles, natural stone or wood floor, carpet to ensure the interior and aesthetics.


2.4. Renovating the window, curtain

Windows position, office curtains should be re-arranged to make sure adequate sunlight or good natural light, providing ventilation for the whole office based on shining design standards.

There are 2 notes after renewing office window as follows:
  • Material: Instead of using familiar fabric curtains, businesses can choose new and modern designs such as blinds, bamboo or rolling blinds to create youthfulness and dynamism.
  • Color: Depending on the color to choose the right one for curtain. Normally, companies choose gentle colors (pastel and neutral colors) to create a sophisticated and luxurious beauty. Do not use colorful tones or pattern, but choose neutral colors that are most suitable.
  • Pattern: It is possible to use geometric motifs, floral vintage motifs or let plain, ... depending on the  design idea that company pursues.

For offices with lots of windows, using an curtain is the most reasonable way.


2.5. Renovating office furniture

Renovating furniture of old office needs to comply with individual design standards, suitable for office space.
  • Replace old tables and chairs, degraded and damaged equipment by new, comfortable and modern one according to use function.
  • Rearrange tables and chairs in a reasonable position for movement and usage demand of staff. The location of interior equipment needs to be scientifically changed according to the using frequency. Common-used equipment such as printers, copiers ... should be put in the center for everyone to easily see and use.
  • Pay attention to choose the appropriate color and size of furniture in harmony with the general architecture and avoid occupying too much unneccessary area.
  • Priority is given to modern office design styles such as minimalist office interior design, open office design, ...

Workspace with comfortable interior system will stimulate creativity and improve employee productivity. 


2.6. Renovating lighting system, air-conditioner, electric wire, network wire

Lighting systems, air conditioning, electrical wires, networks, ... also need to be reset in order to bring neatness and ventilation for the office.

Enterprises need to pay attention to:
  • Make scientific plan to improve the lighting system, air-conditioner with sunlight and wind in the office. These two factors need to be balanced to reduce the electricity cost.
  • Neatly arrange the power lines by making the concealed-wall electrical system, the sockets are placed under the floor instead of being placed on the wall random and unintentional way.
  • Conductive power recalculation aims to design a conductive system to suit the needs of power use in order to provide the optimum amount of power consumption and avoid wasting power usage.

2.7. Renovating office decoration

Office redecoration is an effective way to renew, free up the old and outdated office image.

Thanks to this way, the office space is bright, fresh, rich in emotions, providing work inspiration for staffs.

You should focus on the following factors:
  • Plants layout: Modern office design trends nowadays are very fond of green spaces. Arranging small green pots in the suitable positions or designing a green tree system is a great way to create a fresh, natural and lively working environment.
  • Pictures, colors: Pictures intentionally arranged at the office bring good visual effects and simultaneously help to adjust the mood, create inspiration for people. A modern office always tends to design simple interior with elegant colors.
  • Paint newly the office wall: Change into more prominent or harmonious paint color basing on corporate requirement.

3. Some notes when renovating interior office

When renovating an office, businesses should pay attention to the following points to create a new project as perfect as possible, bringing satisfaction to all staffs at their company.
  • Select a prestige construction contractor to ensure standards in office renovation such as: usability, aesthetics, sustainability, economy, and feng-shui elements.
  • Choose a new office design style in harmony with the field of activity, company size, and financial problem.
  • Execute and repair quickly so that business progress is not interrupted, affecting the reputation of the company.
  • Careful shielding tools should be used to avoid disturbance, loss or influence on surrounding areas.
  • List necessary materials to ensure the budget not to exceed the original estimate such as paint, wallpaper, carpet, lamps, aluminum and glass, ...
  • Consider suitable old office equipment and appliances to make use maximum of the costs.
  • .Should hire architects or companies specializing in providing design services, renewing the prestigious and professional quality office. Avoid cheap construction conractors that affect the progress and quality of the project as well as have many unexpected problems arising during the construction process.

4. Solutions for improving quality, professional office

4.1. Current office renovation needs

Demand for new offices or offices for lease is very high but shortage of supply in Vietnam.

However, office rents in urban areas are always high, so not all companies have enough economic potential to pay for this option.

To save costs, own a clean, beautiful and spacious office, many companies have chosen the solution to renovate old offices or renovate houses into new offices.

Many companies and businesses are choosing the trend of repairing and renovating offices.

Your business can completely change and repair your office space by yourself, but according to Akia Architects, the renovation effect is difficult to achieve as you desire.

Lý do vì nếu thiếu chuyên môn, không cẩn thận trong việc cải tạo, có thể bạn sẽ:The reason is that if you lack expertise and are not careful with your renovation work, you may:
  • Spend a lot of extra time and cost.
  • Damage to the original product.
Therefore, you should look for professional office repair and renovation services to change your office in the most effective way.


4.2. Akia Architects - the company provides prestigious and professional office renovation services 

Office renovation is an important job to shape and restructure the workspace.

With the advantages of senior experience and qualified architects team, Akia Architects is a reliable address for customers in the construction, design and renovation of your offices.

We commit to using high quality construction materials, suitable for services and professional working processes.

The new, creative, and creative working space is a place that gives staffs a comfortable  feeling like at home.

Especially, at Akia Architects, you will be provided with a professional maintenance policy.

Our consultants are the architects and engineers who directly execute the work, therefore you will have a better understanding of design expertise, ensuring satisfaction of customer consulting.

Office renovation plays an important role that any companies, businesses, agencies must take into account once having demand to change the working space, repair the office.

Akia hopes through above article, you can find the most suitable renovation plan to make the workspace more beautiful, scientific and comfortable.

Source: D+ Studio