Nowadays, office design trends have been often changing and updating day by day. The arrangement, layout and design style not only help invalidate the company's brand image to customers and partners, but also help employees experience a creative workspace which contributes to create inspirationb and improve work efficiency.

Be with AKIA ARCHITECTS to explore 5 office design trends 2020 chosen by many businesses and companies with!

1. Office design with green space

Green office space is the most popular office design trend in 2020. As you know the officers usually work in high intensity. To relieve stress, green office design is considered as the perfect solution to bring the most comfortable working space to employees.

Everyone surely knows that plants play an important role in our lives. To design a green office, you can choose to place fresh green pots in the corridor, beautiful small trees on the desk. In addition, you can also refresh the office space by creating green walls.

Office with green space creates a sense of coolness and relaxation.

2. Multi-color office design

Undoubtedly, no one likes a dark and less colorful workplace. Therefore, the office design trend 2020 is to bring prominence and special difference for businesses. A space can choose opposite colors or multi-color to create a unique feeling and interest staffs while working. However, the office space should be used in polite and simple colors to bring sophistication to the workspace.


Youthful, dynamic and modern color used in Office - Pantry area.


3. Open space in workplace design


A well-ventilated workspace will absolutely bring to the comfortableness as well as improve the creativity for staffs. Open office space promotes interaction between individuals. These open spaces are especially suitable for careers that require high teamwork skills, usually exchange information, and constantly discuss between different departments.


Open spaces increase the connection.


4. Fully functional office design

It cannot be denied that the job could be completed excellently just only when we are in good mood. Moreover, working time in the company is up to 8-9 hours per day. Many companies surely have understood this problem, therefore, nowadays operaters focuse on bringing health care facilities into the office for their employees. The working environment is also the place for staffs to enjoy enclosed modern service with entertainment area, game room, gym or yoga, ...


Pantry - place helps staffs relieve stress and inspire work.


5. Flexible and diverse-working space office design

With this spacious and flexible space design, individuals can easily move flexibly without depending on any position. Sometimes sitting in one place for many months makes people feel uncomfortable. Accordingly, the regular change will stimulate the working mood as well as the creativity and confidence at work.


Flexible, free and inspiring workspace.


Along with above 5 office design trends 2020, Akia Architects hopes that these ideas could help your office become more attractive and professional.