The idea of modern office interior design with high aesthetics and comfort has always won the attention of the company's management committee. A positive space will become an effective lever to awaken staffs' creativity and inspiration in work. An aesthetic and luxurious office also contributes to honor the beauty and professionalism of the business towards customers.

In an office, basically, there are following 5 areas: reception and lobby (can be separated if the reception area is large), working area for staffs, director room, meeting room, pantry and additional area (phonebooth/ discuss area...). Let be with Akia Architects to explore!


Reception area


There is no need to reconfirm the role of the reception area. The basic reception area consists of the front desk, a backdrop with company logo, a document cabinet for the receptionist, and a lounge area for customers.

The design of the reception hall depends on the office interior design style. From color tone to style, all obey the whole office and must create an impressive, professional effect.


Working area


In the modern office, the staffs' working areas with dividing partitions seem to be little used. Instead, staff desks are synchronous in design, along with office chairs and cabinets arranged in rows according to the designer's intention.

The working area is usually adjacent to the reception area. This place is scientifically designed with a full range of necessary and convenient interior equipment for work. Working space is focused on stimulating creativity, increasing the spirit of excitement at work while ensuring professionalism. Interior colors in working area are harmoniously combined, with direct links to the reception area and other spaces.

With a small office area, it can be divided by arranging clusters of desks or partitions on the table, similar to large offices, or you can use glass partitions and walkways to divide the working areas.


Director room


This is the room of  the person who undertakes the highest and important position in the company. The luxurious office design of director room shows the professionalism and elegance, contributing to affirm the important position of the room's owner. The interior is flexibly decorated, using sophisticated and aesthetic products.

The design style of director room is considered and adjusted to suit the preferences, personality, gender and age of customers. There is also a certain connection with the general design of the whole office.


Meeting room


This is the place at which lively discussions and important decisions are taken place. Meeting rooms are usually located in the most central area so that other departments can access quickly. Interior meeting room is usually not fussy or not much furnished as other spaces in the office.

Meeting rooms in a luxurious office design are equipped with professional interior products to ensure the usability. The design also brings high-grade, luxury and convenience. The equipment in meeting rooms nowadays basically includes meeting tables, chairs, projector tables, shelves for decoration and placing documents, TV screens, ...

Convenient pantry area


Most offices recently have pantry where employees can rest at noon, read books or play mini games to increase the feeling of excitement after work. Some pantries can also help employees get a short nap in the right position, reducing the risk of bones and joints diseases.

The pantry is set up with modern furniture such as: wall-mounted cabinets, handy kitchen cabinets, desks and chairs designed to suit the surface area of pantry... accompanied with dishes racks.

Comfortable pantry helps staffs to "charge" energy.

In modern offices, the pantry area has a common feature of having a cheerful color, effectively affecting the human spirit. The interior design in this area is usually not too fussy, mainly set up the comfortable sofas that are arranged properly.

Additional areas


Due to job specification, some staffs need privacy when exchanging with customers via phone, or when they need space for short meetings with small groups. Understanding and expecting to meet the staffs' job requirement, many companies'  operators have designed and built phonebooths, personal workspaces, which helps to not only increase productivity and work efficiency, but also contribute to ensure the long-term commitment of staffs with company.




Depending on the office floor area and the size of company, the basic office design consists of the five areas introduced above. If you neef any detailed advices or further support, please do not hesitate to contact with Akia!