Do you feel bored with the usual tedious, stressful and stuffy offices? Here is a list of the 12 most famous offices in the world designed with emphasising on helping people increase their creative ability.

For technology or innovation companies, which require intelligent, breakthrough-thinking employees, these designs will help them attract potential candidates. No need to make speeches, let be with Akia Architects to explore right now!


#1: Selgas Cano – Madrid

Selgas Cano's office was designed by Spanish architects - Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano. This design allows their staffs to feel as if they are working in the middle of a picturesque Spanish forest.

thiết kế văn phòng selgas cano madrid 1

Half of the office is located underground in a forest outside Madrid, which ensures that the office stays cool even during the hot Spanish summer.

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A long window curled up to the ceiling, ran according to the length of the office. This window is also fitted with a hinge and pulley mechanism that allows it to open up and keep the building airy. The other half of the building has an insulated fiberglass wall that helps to shade officers from direct sunlight.

thiết kế văn phòng selgas cano madrid 3


#2: Google

Google in Israel recently moved to an impressive new office interior design space in Tel Aviv. Designed by Camenzind Evolution, in partnership with Setter Architects and Studio Yaron Tal, Google's office has a campus up to 8,000 square meters and occupies 8 floors in the Electra Tower.

thiết kế văn phòng Google Tel Aviv 1

With an incredible view of the city look down from above, the space is designed not only to provide a green space suitable for office work, but also to inspire and create creativity for people working here.

thiết kế văn phòng Google Tel Aviv 2


#3: Inventionland Design Factory

Inventionland Design Factory is a company with headquarter in Pittsburgh. This business invents more than 2,000 items a year, licenses a new product every three days.

thiết kế văn phòng inventionland design factory 1

And all of those happen in an area of 70,000 square meters designed with 15 different materials. Large space with different kinds of pattern houses inspired from pirate ships, race tracks, fake caves to red carpet aisles, castles or giant robots.
Not only does it have a space for entertainment and creativity spaces, but the office also has a modern recording / video / animation studio and fully equipped workshops to create prototypes for its invention. .

thiết kế văn phòng Inventionland Design Factory 2

Instead of being an ordinary employee, the Inventionland staffs are known as the "Creator".


#4: Pallotta Teamworks

thiết kế văn phòng Pallotta Teamworks 1

In 2001, Pallotta TeamWorks worked with Clive Wilkinson Architects to create a revolutionary office interior design in an old warehouse in Los Angeles. The space consists of shipping containers, tents, raw wood and separates each department into different tent villages.

thiết kế văn phòng Pallotta Teamworks


#5: Dropbox

The Dropbox offices are located in the Sarona building in the bustling center of Tel Aviv and span 1800 square meters.

thiết kế văn phòng dropbox 1

The design style of the simple offices reminds people of the typical architectural lines of a town. The decisive white color is the background for the striking colors and vibrant atmosphere of the city.

thiết kế văn phòng Dropbox 2


#6: Airbnb

thiết kế văn phòng airbnb 1

A large warehouse is the site of choice as Airbnb's new global facility in Gurgaon, India. They want to retain the look of a warehouse while adding to the values and philosophy of the brand for the space. This is deserved to be one of the most amazing office interior designs in the world.

thiết kế văn phòng airbnb 2

#7: Facebook

thiết kế văn phòng facebook 1

The largest social networking platform in the world also owns a more powerful office design. An energetic open space, where employees could arrange and change seats themselves. Meetings and discussions may take place anywhere. Autonomy and creativity are pushed to the top of this office.

thiết kế văn phòng facebook 2

#8: Nokia

thiết kế văn phòng nokia 1

Nokia has moved to an office building called Sunnyvale, USA. It offers a full range of amenities such as a health-care room with bed and shower. The office is also designed according to trend - open space, where staffs can freely choose their working seats.

thiết kế văn phòng nokia 2

#9: Urban Outfitters

Built from the hull of a dilapidated naval shipyard in Philadelphia, the 100-year-old Urban Outfitters campus has been given a new look. Designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, the 350,000-square-meter project provides an imposing background for the brands it owns - Urban Outfitters, Free People, or Anthropologie.

thiết kế văn phòng urban outfitters 1

When Urban Outfitters announced their plans to relocate offices to the shipyards, one of the main reasons was to bring all of the company's workers into a single worksite. In the past, company staffs had to work in six different buildings across downtown Philadelphia.

thiết kế văn phòng outfitters 2

The new office brings all brands to work together in the same building, and provides a suitable space for employees to discuss and share.

thiết kế văn phòng urban outfitters 3

#10: Lego

thiết kế văn phòng lego 1

Located in Billund, Denmark, the office is designed with principles of happiness, solidarity, creativity, innovation, imagination, and sustainability. The goal is to make the people working at LEGO feel comfortable, a place where all the unique ideas can be formed and shared.

thiết kế văn phòng lego 2

#11: Zynga

Zynga, the gaming company with popular games like FarmVille, CityVille and Words with Friends, is headquartered in a massive 556,000 square feet space on the edge of SoMA in San Francisco, California. This office is created by the design company Revel (formerly NicholsBooth).

thiết kế văn phòng zynga 1

One of the special things that Zynga staffs enjoy most is the canteen. Not many offices that workers gather in the canteen up to 3 times a day like in Zynga.

thiết kế văn phòng zynga 2

#12: White Mountain Office

This office design is sited in a 1200 square meter atomic bomb shelter. Located 30 meters deep under the granite rocks of Vita Berg park in Stockholm, Sweden, this office offers a feeling of liberality, but no less mystery of a company specializing in technology.

thiết kế văn phòng white mountain office 1

Akia Architects hope the above ideas will help you have more references for your office interior design process!