A lot of new office design styles have emerged such as open office, green office, co-working office, ... No matter what style of design, modern office design must follow the certain office design principles.

Be with Akia Architects to review 10 important office design principles that investors or designers need to understand before implementing the current office design!

1. What is the office design principle?

Design Principles are the thesises and theories that are applied throughout in office design and architectural design to create a beautiful and consistent office space.

Office design principles play an important role in office interior design nowadays.

2. 10 important modern office design principles

2.1. Human being design ("l'art pour la vie" design)

One of office design principles that Akia always puts on top is the design of human beings - people are the main factor to aim for.

Human being design towards people in order to bring the most comfort and convenience to users.

The feature of the office designed according to this principle is the use of non-toxic materials, safe for users, environmentally friendly such as wood, stone, trees, ...

The office design helps staffs to have a safe and healthy working environment, guaranteed health, thereby promoting work productivity and improving work efficiency.
Human being design is similar to Ethical design - people-centered design, which emphasizes staffs 'benefits and work experience through qualitative and comfortabe workspaces.

Experienced office space consists of neatly designed spaces, bringing different emotional experiences to staffs.

2.2. Ensure balance and symmetry

Office design needs to ensure the balance and symmetry principle, which means that everything in the office must be selected, arranged and balanced in a certain proportion.

This principle includes the following structural elements, details should be uniform, balanced and symmetrical:

  • Office space: Height, width, length of office doors, working spaces, auxiliary spaces.
  • Office interior: Layout of furniture and office equipment such as desks, chairs, document cabinets, bookshelves, printers, copiers, ...
  • Office decoration: The layout of decorative accessories such as pictures, lights, decorative lights, trees, decorative items, ...

A balanced and symmetrical office design will bring benefits as below:
  • Create a harmonious overall architectural space.
  • More convenient in work and travel.
  • Bring elegance, modernity, sophistication and professionalism to the office.
  • Make a good impression on customers and partners.

2.3. Create emphasis in space 

Nguyên lý tạo điểm nhấn, nhấn mạnh đóng vai trò rất quan trọng trong thiết kế văn phòng hiện đại.The principle of making emphasis plays a very important role in modern office design.

This means in the design process, you should focus on a few key points and highlight those points to make an impression on the viewers.

Some ways to create a unique highlight for the office such as:
  • Use contrasting wall paint or furniture as a compensation rule.
  • Place some items in a position with more prominent highlights and appeal.
  • Choose outstanding, unique office furniture.
  • Decorate with creative, eye-catching cubes and shapes.

Creating a highlight when designing the office brings many benefits such as: 
  • Create positive visual effects, attracting viewers. This is also a point of the visual principle in interior design.
  • Make an unforgettable impression when customers and partners enter the office.
  • Bring perfect beauty, aesthetics and impression to the workspace.
  • Make staffs feel more comfortable, interested and focused on the job.

2.4. Harmony in space

The next principle of office design is to create harmony in architectural space.

The harmony in the space shows in overal office, from color to arrangement and selection of furniture in the office.

All must be designed unified, harmonious with each other and towards the general total, suitable for the specific job.

The choice of colors and furniture should follow the overall office design style so as not to be ridiculous, not off topic and suitable to the corporate characteristics and culture.

Office design ensuring harmony in space will have some basic effects such as:
  • Create aesthetics for the workspace.
  • Create an ideal, comfortable working environment.
  • Inspire and make staffs love the workspace more.

2.5. Ensure the science and usage

Modern office design needs to guarantee two factors: science and use.

This is because the nature of the work, the business field or the corporate culture have a great influence on the way the office is designed.

Modern office design must be suitable with the work purpose, development orientation, and reflect the vision and mission of company.

This principle is demonstrated at some points as below:

  • Divide functional space, department layout, corridor sensibly, scientifically based on the work nature to ensure easy and convenient internal connection. Some important function rooms like the director room, meeting room, ... need to be located in a convenient location, standard for use.
  • Arrange furniture and equipment in the office neatly and reasonably in oder to not only meets the needs of use but also ensures safety, aesthetics and convenient movement. Need to seperate the proportions and size of furniture properly.
  • Choose modern, comfortable, usable furniture to support the best for user.

At the same time, the right office design according to the specific work lies in the office space layout, use of colors and decoration:
  • Young, dynamic business (start-ups, media, IT): Use bright colors, fresh and unique decorations to stimulate creativity.
  • The company has little contact with customers, the company has many departments that need high concentration (banking, finance, interior): office design ensures quiet, elegant colors, minimal decoration, using natural factors.

Ensuring this principle, businesses will gain many benefits for example:
  • Create the best working environment. Spacious and airy working space.
  • The process of moving, commuting is convenient.
  • The transaction process, internal linking, work exchange between departments are convenient and effective.
  • Optimal exploitation of space efficiency. Increase the efficiency of the functional space and furniture, equipment.
  • Does not affect the working process of each staff.
  • Ensure safe use and comply with building regulations.
  • Optimize natural light and wind.
  • Enhance the position, professionalism, company's brand image with customers and partners.